weekend pt 3

On sunday i helped curt and kenny finish up their surveys at the mall


weekend pt 2

on saturday i went to pass out surveys w curt jeff and zeke.

We went to some ice cream place and some guy with an orange shirt bought us ice cream , then we went to my house and played ps3.

weekend pt 1

friday , was the school
dance it was fun but alot of people
didnt show up.

after that we went to some pc party



Nick Mullins


Homework .

wasspappen Ladys and Gents , everything is pretty straight , today was like the 5th day of school (I think , I don't feel like counting) after five days of high school , I figured its not like what everybody says , I mean you have to put in more effort , if you do it'll turn out pretty easy. idk that's just my opinion. Anywhooo , that's pretty much it , how did your 1st week of school go ?