bebop 2010 spring preview 1 Bebop 2010 Spring Preview
Looking towards Cuban culture for reference to its new designs, Japanese brand Bebop return for Spring 2010. Inspired by a wealth of colors and tribal prints, the collection features classic staples such as polos, blazers, button-downs, cardigans, and vest, paired with a selection of intricate bottoms. Definitely a nice collection to look forward to for next year.


tis the season to be jolly ?

Havent blogged in a while, so heres what went on:
Dec. 18 - went to the mall w some friends and watched 2012 which came out to be awesome
Dec. 21 - went to the mall to do some christmas shopping.
Dec 22- went to the mall again -_--- to do some more christmas shopping.
Dec. 23 - early in the day i went to school for some stuff then later around like 6 or so , went to some christmas party w my brother and some other people, got home around 12 :30
Dec. 24 through 27 - went to ny, spent christmas there, and did some shopping on fordham road, it was raining alot -_- and on top of that, got into a minor car accident.


Pursuit of Happiness ,




Spring 2010 Viktor & Rolf Monsieur Collection

Selectism - Viktor & Rolf Monsieur Collection for Spring 2010
Our friends at HB preview the Spring/Summer 2010 “Monsieur” Collection from Viktor & Rolf. “While winter is delivering its best, V&R’s Monsieur gets ready for the coming spring-summer festivities, counting on a sunny and hot season across the north hemisphere . . . and perhaps all over the globe. No matter the occasion, this gentleman is an expert in preparing smart and elegant looks for afternoons in the English dry countryside, his latest and favorite holidays destination. Expect him to show up impeccable, able to treat both the formal and the informal while adding some spooky tricks…”

wanna see more ? click the link


Tim Van Steenbergen Autumn 2009 Collection

Fashonisto gives their word on the Tim Van Steenbergen Autumn 2009 offering. “Belgian designer Tim Van Steenbergen demonstrates his keen eye for design with his current fall collection. Moved by the intricate details found in nature, the designer has fashioned a collection that combines unique, but subtle cuts with varied textures. Based in an appropriate color palette of earth tones, the collection’s details are best highlighted. At first sight, sculpted hoods make quite the powerful statement, while the designer’s point of view continues to be carried out with the effortless draping of fabric and careful placement of buttons.”

To see some more click the link

Hobo Camo

hobo camo series bags hobo Camo Series Bags
Mostly notable for its range of stellar bag creations, Japanese brand hobo present a couple of new pieces to its Fall/Winter lineup. Featured within the Camo Series are two different designs, including a messenger bag and nylon waist pack. Both feature an all-over camouflage print accented with Brown detailing and the superior quality expected from hobo product. Available now through vendor.

personally i think these bags are pretty straight

Nike Sb

My friend Juan's sneaker review of the Gucci Highs check out the rest of his videos

blast from the past

Went to go see the box, which came out to be an okay movie


Today was a good day



Fall is here ;]
weathers starting to change, well in rhode island at least

Well imma go skateboard , Catch you on the flipside




But be honest babe

SOS shes in disguise


Weekend Wars

Saturday was straight


Get jobs in offices, and wake up for the Morning commute?

I think i'm goen to post some cool music videos every day idk, oh and again, dont mind the commercial before the video.

Enter Galactic

Went to kennys house
played guitar hero & Skate
then went to Mcdonalds

Well im good


Beating like a hammer

longboards are awesome

say what ?

well , i have nothing to say


Young Folks

Dont mind the commercial before the video

Kid Robot


Havent been keeping up w the blog so
here is what has happened since my last post:

the weathers been o.k.

A tree fell on kenny's house

where the wild things are is coming out next friday.

And i've watched the movie zombieland


weekend pt 3

On sunday i helped curt and kenny finish up their surveys at the mall


weekend pt 2

on saturday i went to pass out surveys w curt jeff and zeke.

We went to some ice cream place and some guy with an orange shirt bought us ice cream , then we went to my house and played ps3.

weekend pt 1

friday , was the school
dance it was fun but alot of people
didnt show up.

after that we went to some pc party



Nick Mullins


Homework .

wasspappen Ladys and Gents , everything is pretty straight , today was like the 5th day of school (I think , I don't feel like counting) after five days of high school , I figured its not like what everybody says , I mean you have to put in more effort , if you do it'll turn out pretty easy. idk that's just my opinion. Anywhooo , that's pretty much it , how did your 1st week of school go ?



on friday i went to thayer w jeff and curt. We didnt really find anything good so i bought a bracelet, after thayer we went to FOY then the mall.


New York.

Title says it all . Today i went to newyork for the day to shop. we visited some family then took the train to 3rd avenue , then went to fordham road. It was fun.


She loves everybody

Hands Up


On the way to .

Water Country

today i went to water country
w Tyler , Jeff & Curt . We hit mostly every ride there, the best ride was the Geronimo


Me First


I have
to say right
about now ,
so ill post
when i do ,





Today i went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge MA.
the glass flower exhibit was amazing
overall it was pretty Cool.


Thanks for having me .



today i woke up around 1

had lunch ^___^

went skating for a little att np

came back , walked to some park to play ball

but then it started to rain hard , so i had to run home in the rain -_-



Rain rain and more rain

today was an ordinary day , i woke up around 11 ,
did what i had to do , ate breakfast , and when i look
out the window its raining -_- , which was a surprise
bc yesterday it was like 80 outside. Anyways , i
decided to hop back in bed till about one , looked out
the window again and guess what ?
still raining.
Went a few places and got back home around three ,
there was nothing else to do but watch tv and eat lol.
now its around 10 and i am gonna watch the dark knight